Wattpad, Blocked!


Freshman Zoe Smith is Holding up her device, showing that Wattpad doesn’t work on our school’s wifi.

NFHS Blocked Wattpad? Wattpad is a writing and publishing website. It was founded by Ivan Yuen in 2006. Stories on here can be read by other people around the world. Writers and readers can be included in fun challenges as well as write their own stories. Some stories get published and some get made into movies. An example of the stories that got published and made into films are “The Kissing Booth” and “After”. So the question is, why is Wattpad blocked from the school wifi?

Wattpad is just like any other writing website like Quotev or Storybird, but Quotev and Storybird are not blocked. Quotev is a writing website where stories can be read and created. The only difference is that Quotev has is quizzes and tests. Wattpad, Quotev and Storybird are basically the same things. 

Writing is something that can help certain people destress. They can get lost in their imagination. Reading other people’s stories can help people escape from a stressful day. Yes, we have books in the media center but Wattpad has more stories to choose from. Individuals can also comment on other people’s stories and give them feedback. There is also a feature where book covers can be made. It adds a lot of details to books people write. Writers can search up pictures they have that correspond to the book and edit it with text, stickers, etc. There are contests on Wattpad for everyone to enjoy. One of which is the Nancy Drew Mystery writing competition. The winner of this competition wins a shout out from the CW. The CW is a TV network that has TV shows about superheroes.

I do not think there is anything wrong with Wattpad, and therefore it should not be blocked from the school wifi. Since the age limit is 13 or older, I don’t think there are many bad things on it. If there were a lot of bad things on Wattpad, the age limit would be higher. Therefore, Wattpad should not be blocked from the school Wifi.