Grady College of Journalism


The broadcast room is home to many students at Grady College and hosts live local news shows every week day with a special dedication to local Athens sports on Fridays.

Hailey Yarbrough, Associate editor

University of Georgia proved itself during the football season against numerous other schools including Georgia Tech, its biggest rival. But what about the academics? Is there anything special about the college other than the astounding athletes?

UGA proclaims itself home of the second best journalism school in the country. Grady college is the division under the main university that students apply to separately after acquiring acceptance into UGA. Once accepted into Grady, students can choose the major they want to pursue out of their three options. These majors include journalism, advertising and public relations, and entertainment and media studies.

The journalism major umbrellas over several different types like editing, broadcasting, newspaper, and producing which helps future journalists to prepare for the rapid changing industry and opportunities for other job offers later in life. Maggie O’Brien, the advisor of prospective students, states, “The reason there is no longer a newspaper journalism degree and a separate degree for broadcasting and producing arises from the reoccurring problem of employers looking for workers with many different talents not just a specialization in one sector. This all depends on the influx of the industry of writing and what the consumers or general public utilizes the most and reads or watches currently.” Going perfectly with this major, a sport media certificate can make any employee appear more valuable.

Advertising includes the creation of ads and selling of products to the public’s needs and desires. This major and public relations are of the same persuasion aspect of writing.

Entertainment and media studies major focuses on teaching students to created a better understanding of digital communication networks and influences of the media on the world as a whole. The school offers two degrees, Mass Communication and Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. To accompany these majors, a useful certificate in the field of Media Industry assures that students fully understand social media and other types of media.

In addition, Grady not only surpasses other schools with its high number of scholars and hopeful applicants, but the dean of UGA holds a “Dogs with the Dean” day once a semester for the aspiring pupils of Grady hall. Students arrive just outside the journalism building, enjoy a grilled hot dog made specially by Dean Charles Davis, and socialize with other people of the same interest. While striving for a perfect honor roll report card and creating a career, one can make lifetime friends and perhaps future colleagues through UGA and Grady College.

I traveled to UGA on Friday, November 13th to attend the widely renowned Grady Day where high school students and college applicants are able to explore the vast and amazing opportunities for journalism majors. Once arriving to UGA and finding the building, advisors and professors delivered a detailed speech about the wonderful aspects of the beloved journalism college. Finally, several current Grady seniors took groups of us around the building, into classrooms, and through newsrooms and broadcast stations, showing the ins and outs of the prestigious school of UGA, where legacies and stars in the eyes of writing are made.