iPhone Updates to iOS 10


Some students love the new update while others have yet to download it as they are afraid it will mess up their phone or cause glitches.

Marissa Dintino, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 13, iOS 10 was released to several Apple products, from the iPhone 5 through the brand new iPhone 7, as well as numerous iPads and the iPod 6. iOS 10 brings numerous new exciting and useful features to these Apple devices.

iMessage has an entirely different look to it and includes special effects to send texts with and a specialized App Store, making the user able to play games with their friends through the apps. Some emojis were added, including gender diverse options and a rainbow flag, but oddly, the gun emoji was replaced with a squirt gun while the other potentially “dangerous” emojis were not affected at all.

As well as the new iMessage features, Siri can do a multitude of new actions and map extensions were added. On top of this, the Photos app contains advanced face recognition and can sort photos into Memories folders. There is a new app called Home that allows one to access several other devices on their phone from anywhere. Apple Music and Apple News were redesigned for enhancement and improvement. As well as all of these new features, the Clock app has a new bedtime feature that tells you when to go to bed to get a decent amount of sleep.

Overall, the new iOS 10 update comes with several new features and designs. As well as the mentioned additions, there are several small ones that can only be discovered by using it.