Giant Pandas No Longer Endangered


Photo by Bernard De Wetter. The Giant Panda happily hangs out on a rock in its natural habitat in China. China is where Giant Pandas are commonly found.

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

On September 4, it was announced by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that Giant Pandas are not endangered anymore and are now only vulnerable in a report. For many years, these animals have been struggling with the risk of extinction, and now studies show of the IUCN that the population of Giant Pandas have increased. IUCN suggests the reason behind the Giant Pandas’ population increase is because of the Chinese efforts of saving them by making conservation policies and planning to find other ways to protect their national animal. The World Wildlife (WWF), the first international organization to work with China, also claims to contributed to the population increase of pandas and the safety of their home. Even though Giant Pandas are no longer endangered, they still have a long road ahead to have a steady population with no risk of extinction. If you would like to donate to saving animals like the giant pandas or adopt an animal, go to