A Twisted Tragedy

An illustration of the physical appearance of the mysterious Fluffy.

An illustration of the physical appearance of the mysterious Fluffy.

Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez, Staff Writer

The day began with a bright sunshine upon her dreamy face. With one eye, Ines looked around only to illustrate her showed expression once she looked at her surroundings. From her white walls, neat closet, and light brown furniture, everything in her surroundings had made a drastic change. Everything had changed only to became a dull floor with grown vines all around her from the trees just out of her reach. At the sight of her surroundings, Ines rapidly got up and wondered where she was.

After walking a few paces, Ines came across the most petite creature she had ever seen. Its ears stood up straight, large as a rabbit’s ears with its body so small like a hamster’s that the ears seem too large for a fragile looking creature.  The animal began to stroll towards Ines, causing her to stumble backwards. Her reaction made the creature stop and stare at her with such curiosity it looked as though it had never received such welcoming. Ines, released from her frightened trance, began to move around and searched for an open area. As this young girl wondered around, she instantly realized the little animal had begun to follow after her. At the realization the girl focused more on her surroundings, completely ignored the creature as she continued her search for an exit. In her distress, Ines gave up and sat on a rock feeling abandoned. At her action, the creature thought,” What kind of creature is it?”

Ines, in her grief, had not notice the little eyes’ steady gaze upon her from within the bushes. She only repeated to herself” Has my family left my behind? Why am I here?”

A depressing thought rapidly and repeatedly passed through Ines’ mind. In the background, the strange creature continued to lurk in Ines’ shadow. The animal’s presence seemed to become insignificant to Ines as she just continued to think to herself.

Slowly, the sun begun to lose its battle against the rising moon. Darkness begun to take over all that had brought light into the scene. At this realization, Ines begun to act hysterically, cursing herself for not finding a decent place to spend the night. With determination, she went in search for a comforting location in which she may rest. Upon reaching a small river, Ines discovered a cave large enough for her to rest comfortably. However, the creature could still be seen lurking behind Ines following her every move like a predator with its prey.

Nightfall had come with a magnificent view of the stars across the whole sky. It seemed every constellation could be seen within one glance. With the soothing movement of the running river and the dancing wind, Ines fell asleep within minutes.

After Ines fell asleep, the animal slowly walked towards Ines. It stared with such deep thought at her. Although it seemed the creature would harm Ines, instead it curled up within her arms and fell into a deep sleep along with Ines.

Night became day and everything awoke from its slumber. The river continued to run down towards a stream. The birds started to sing their melodic songs attracting attention. Small rodents roamed the ground in search for food. Others climbed the trees seeking acorns. As one rodent moved close to the tip of a branch an acorn fell within a few inches of Ines’ head. The sudden noise awoke her and startled the furry creature within her arms. At the sensation of something furry, she rapidly dropped the creature and ran out of the cave. The creature just followed her out like a small duckling following its mother.

After a while of playing chase, Ines gave up and allowed the creature to come near her. Once the creature was within about a foot of Ines, it rushed towards her and cuddled into her arms. The sudden response startled her. The realization of a new company gave Ines the relief of not being alone.

Ines slowly started to become familiar with her new friend. Many days passed with Ines and the creature, now named Fluffy, who spent a lot of their time in the river or looking for any berries to eat. After so much time spent together, Ines and Fluffy became very united.

Unfortunately, the day came when Ines found a small trail hidden behind a veil of vines that led into civilization. The thought of leaving fluffy behind pained her deeply. She knew she had to make a choice to stay or leave.

Every day after her discovery, she spent with Fluffy playing in the river or other activities. The day finally came, however, when Ines chose to leave to her actual home. She played one last game only to hide from her beloved friend and left towards home.

After weeks of her return, Ines only hoped Fluffy was doing alright. Sometimes, Ines felt the need to visit Fluffy, but she knew it would only cause her pain to leave him behind again. All she could do was hope and wish he would be alright on his own.