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Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez
Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez is a very quiet, self preserved person. She is one of those many people who is not very noticed or known for being outspoken or loud. A lot of the time she could be found reading, doing homework, or reading a book for a class. In her free time she loves to sing, draw, dance, or read. Meydi, her nickname, likes to also write as hobby but mostly when she has the inspiration to do so. Although she enjoys writing, it is not a career she would like specialize in but writing is a great skill to have. The career that truely interests Meydi is an obstetrician. An obstetrician is a doctor or physician who specializes in pregnancy, childbirth, and a woman's reproductive system basically taking care of the women and infant through the entire cycle. It will take a great deal of work and effort but she is positive that one day she will achieve her goal in life.

Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez, Staff Writer

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Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez