Reducing Discrimination: The Legacy of Anne Frank

”There was a secret well kept behind this bookcase, until they were discovered.” Photo Source

”There was a secret well kept behind this bookcase, until they were discovered.” Photo Source

Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez, Staff Writer

Everyone around the world has heard of Anne Frank. Many people, after hearing her story, were amazed of the way she handled discrimination against her ethnicity, in Germany. She was a Jew, an ethnicity Adolf Hitler despised, and had to go through discrimination, this took place in Germany in 1942 and was the cause of World War П. It was a huge war and the cause of millions of deaths of Jews, including American lives. This war ended in 1946 when the Germans surrendered and Adolf Hitler killed his family and committed suicide to avoid being captured. All Jews were eventually freed, but unfortunately Anne Frank passed away a few days before their freedom. Frank’s only family member to survive was her father. Her only living memory lives in her diary, as well as the experience many Jews had to live through.

Anne Frank’s diary is a well-read book all over the world. Schools worldwide use this book for educational needs, demonstrating an important historical event, the Holocaust. I believe it is an excellent idea to remember and study the Holocaust. It was mainly caused because of discrimination against the Jews’ ethnicity. Germans, who were involved with the Nazis, had no right to consider blaming their conflicts on the Jews.

Today everyone of any age is taught to respect one another in every way. In multiple places in the world today discrimination is a crime. I think this is the right way to deal with the situation. To live in a world where everyone is treated equally is the greatest option. Some think the complete opposite of equality between race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Some people believe that one specific race or religion is better than the other, which is not true. Each individual in this world was made equally and should be treated equally no matter what their skin tone, their beliefs, or their origin.

Anne Frank was extremely brave for such a young girl, having to live through the Holocaust and World War П. Even though she did not make it to the end, she still left a mark in this world for the future generations. She was optimistic throughout her time in the sanctuary; Anne, even though in hiding, still loved to do many activities other children her age did like: dancing, singing, laughing, or just being a child. Something many could not have been able to accomplish. She is truly a heroic figure for the young, and she helped discrimination between ethnicities decrease in ways many adults would not have been capable of.