International Club: Copa Competition


North Forsyth International Club soccer players united for the game.

Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez, Staff Writer

The International club at North Forsyth High School consists of a Copa competition. This competition is of soccer teams from each school competing against one another. The games are hosted in a different school each year. This year, the tournament will take place at South Forsyth High School. There are two teams for each school: a girl’s team and a boy’s team. As a whole group, the players decide the days in which practice will be held. Each practice takes place at school in one of the fields every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from four o’clock to five o’clock. On Tuesday, the team normally has conditioning. While on Thursday, the team actually practices with the soccer ball. During conditioning the whole team has to do cardio-vascular routines. Every Tuesday involves jogging while doing heel touches, squats, suicides, etc. These exercises help us get in shape physically for the game, as well as allowing us to become more active and move faster. The team plays mini-games during their Thursday practices.

Also, the team has to learn to keep their breathing under control. It is very important since the weather will be cold, and the player will have to be running during the game. As well as keeping their breath under control, they also must communicate well within one another. Also, another objective would be keeping control of the soccer ball. The players must control the ball in order to pass to one another. Within this process, knowing each other’s names is very useful as to lessen the confusion. In other circumstances, shouting “man-on” gives that player an insight on the coming trouble. After all this practice and tips, hopefully North Forsyth High School will obtain the Cup from Forsyth Central High School. Go Raiders!