Book Series: A House of Night


“Daughter like mother, these two women created the intriguing series of the House of Night. Both share the credit of the existence of the novels.”

Nazmeydi Maldonado-Perez, Staff Writer

The House of Night series, by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast, are a collection of intriguing novels. The main character, Zoey Redbird, had been marked with an outlined crescent moon, which starts the beginning of a long journey. Zoey’s mother and step-father did not accept Zoey’s tranformation into a vampire and were determined to start a prayer chain to hopefully help Zoey from sin, and Zoey’s step-father influenced her mother to believe that a vampire was the most horrifying creature on Earth. In her step-father’s opinion, she was marked because of her sins.

Zoey’s grandmother thought otherwise: she thought it would just be the beginning of a fresh start. Entering the Tulsa House of Night, Zoey met new friends as well as new enemies. Although she finally felt like she fit in somewhere, her world turned upside-down; just when everything in her life felt normal, Zoey discovered her true fate. She was being used as the eyes and ears of vampire Goddess Nyx. Zoey had to fight evil, along with her group of friend, a great number of times. During each battle, Zoey gained a new friend, another victory.

The House of Night series is truly inspiring. Zoey shows integrity and stubbornness like any other student. She never gives up and has a number of great friends who do not let her quit. This should be an example to people in reality. The series reflects a great deal of teenage life. Maybe not every detail from the book occurs in reality, but everyone has relationship problems or has a conflict with another student causing them to become enemies.

The book also revolves around good and evil. In darkness one can find light, just like in light one can find darkness. Just because someone seems to be a good person does not mean they have good intentions. As well as the opposite-someone may appear to be bad but could just as easily be very kind. No one can judge another person without knowing how they truly are. The moral is that light does not always equal to goodness, as darkness does not always equal to evil.