Senior Student Council: “Make North Great Again”

Natalie Wilson, Co-Editor-in-Chief


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  • Left to Right: Secretary Layne Winters, Vice President Bradley Thomas, President Justin Skaggs and Treasurer Rachel Jennings sit for a portrait, excited to meet with Ms. Glenda Santiago for their first congregation as Senior Student Council.

  • The council shows off their goofy side, posing with their beloved principal, Mr. Cheney. “Cheney is my idol,” said Jennings.

  • The group cracks up as President Justin Skaggs jokes about spirit week. “We can have a señor day, or a senior citizen day, or, you know, other senior puns!”

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The 2016-2017 school year is picking up pace, and the Senior Student Council has already started convening to discuss what they can do to make it the best year yet.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, seniors Rachel Jennings, Justin Skaggs, Bradley Thomas and Layne Winters met for the first time as a council, and while they may not have a strict plan yet, they share an excitement for the future.

“A lot of people at North don’t know each other, and we want to change that,” said Jennings. The group agreed that one of their main focuses this year will be creating new ways for all the students at North Forsyth to feel comfortable in their environment and be able to share themselves with others. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the social groups; “We want to create a positive environment for everyone,” added Winters.

Skaggs, Senior Class President, joked with a smile, “Let’s make North great again.”

While there is no definite plan, the four seniors talked about possibly having Friday events once a month, such as spirit days or pep rallies, to increase North’s feel of unity. Ms. Glenda Santiago, the Student Council Supervisor, encouraged the four seniors to be innovative and to listen to what the student body wants for these ‘fun Fridays.’ “This is your year,” said Santiago.

She also reminded them that they are responsible for acting as a buffer between the parent committees and the students; the council must use their position to create great events that fit in the confinements of parental advisory and school budget, while still entertaining student passions. Winters nodded in agreement, her more serious and committed side showing through.

Beyond acting as a representative, the Senior Council is also in charge of many major school events, like the senior picnic, a graduation speech and future reunions. Thomas lit up with a smile at the mentioning of reunions: “We’re going to plan some awesome reunions.” The group bounced around some ideas for the picnic and even discussed future senior spirit days.

“We can have a “señor” day, or a senior citizen day, or, you know, other senior puns!” said an excited Skaggs. Even Ms. Santiago could not help but smile.

Though the group is passionate about having a good time, they also expressed great dedication to following through on their responsibilities. They established a meeting schedule and even looked forward as far as the annual senior gift: a physical donation to the school that is paid for by the council’s budget and voted on by the parent committees. Last year, the Senior Council chose to donate a new podium to North Forsyth, embellished with a silver plaque of North’s logo; this year, the Senior Council promises to give something even better.

As the year goes on, look out for new Student Council events and encourage others to get involved. The group cannot wait to represent the student body and hope to leave a positive mark as the Class of 2017.