A Collection of Poetry


Leilani Gibbons poses with a flamingo to emphasize the airy feeling of this poetry. The theme of love and nature transcends through not only these pieces but through life itself.

Noah Smith, Opinion Editor

The following are three poems that I have written. They all follow a central theme of love; however, I always try to keep my creative writing ambiguous in order to allow more people to relate to it. My personal favorite of these three is definitely Sunday Morning, but I hope you enjoy all of them!



The Road I Take

The road I take to work is full of holes.

Some are small,

Tiny blemishes on the face.

Others are massive,

Pits of despair in the mind.


The road I take home is full of trees.

Some stretch their arms to the sky,

Reaching for hope.

Others lay their arms on the ground,

Defeated by the elements.


The road I take to your house is my favorite road.

The road I take to your house is bright.

Light glistens and glitters off of it,

The yellow brick road.

Rain bounces and lunges off of it,

Safe from all danger.

All of the trees reach upward,

As they were always meant to.

That is why I take the road

To your house.




Waiting is possibly

The worst sin

One could commit.

Some will tell

“Patience is a virtue.”

Those people are delusional.

I do not want to wait

For my life to start,

For my heart to know love,

For my head to feel heavy

After the loss of said love.

I want to feel,

But all I feel when I wait

Is regret.

I want

Hands high

Through the sunroof.

Eyes wide

In the sunrise.

Breathe in breathe out.

This is home.

This is love.

This is life.



Sunday Morning

Pink toes

Back aches

Golden nose



Sunday morning

Wake up slow

Blue eyes

Big yawns

Warm blankets

Warm smiles


Orange and pink streaks

Paint the sky

Two weeks, close my eyes

And wait for your return.


Dreams of

Next weekend

Dreams of

love; dead end

dreams of

my best friend.