The shattered area around the heart resembles the damage that has already occurred, and can no longer be repaired. The heart is unscathed because through the hardships, there is still hope that everything will be alright.

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer


Clocks are ticking

Time is running out

A rush of blood to the head occurs as I scramble to find reason in this madness

I’m lost without you

But you don’t seem to care

You helped me pick up my broken heart

Then you leave me to the wolves to have it shattered once again

Only this time you aren’t there

Someone seems to have taken you away

And left everyone else wondering what we did to irk so much that you would rather leave than remain by our side

Better yet, you act as if nothing is wrong

You act as if everything was the way you left it, but you couldn’t be more wrong

You will lose everyone you love if you don’t change

But I know that sounds parental so I keep it to myself and my notebook

I miss the smile you would give your friends

I miss the love we all had for each other

In its place is a void of happiness and only negativity

The interest refuses to be kind to anyone except when you’re paying close attention to the behaviors of others

Or so someone told me

One of us is awkward and shy

Delicate and kind

Yet she is always the first to be left when someone is found

Its unforgivable

Yet I haven’t left yet


Cause I care

I care about the future of the group and the friends I have made

I’ve see friendships destroyed and the aftermath

I have been excluded and isolated

And I’m telling you I’m done

If you want to talk that’s fine

But do not expect me to come to your rescue when your glass house shatters and leaves you in the cold

To save you from your mind as you realize your mistake

I will watch on the side without a second glance and wait for the day you come to me

I won’t pry for information

I won’t plead for you to open up to me

I will wait for the day you come to me

Or I won’t at all

But I’m done being the one to save you time and time again when I’m only met with cruelty and doubt

I hope you enjoy everyone you’ve never met and make up with your friend from long ago

I thank you for all the memories we shared

They were pleasant and lovely

But don’t expect me to wait for a white horse with a knight in shining armor who tends to get lost on the way to a place he’s known so well