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The shattered area around the heart resembles the damage that has already occurred, and can no longer be repaired. The heart is unscathed because through the hardships, there is still hope that everything will be alright.


Lany Campbell, Staff Writer May 15, 2017

Done Clocks are ticking Time is running out A rush of blood to the head occurs as I scramble to find reason in this madness I’m lost without you But you don’t seem to care You helped...

He gazed longingly into the sea, waiting for the day when she would return to him.

To the Depths of the Sea

Emily Stocksdale, Staff Writer May 23, 2016

Waves came rolling in to break against the craggy shore.  He watched as they scurried back, only to gather themselves back up and ram against the rocks once more.  Straining his eyes, he looked as far...

When your path is so plainly lain before you, what choice is there?


Colin Bergen, Staff Writer April 17, 2015

The hour is uncertain. The road in front of me, vast and without apparent end. My destination is there,  just beyond the edge of the rain. “Fine night to be about,’ ey?”, said a passer-by. The...

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