NFHS DECA Projected to Become Fortune 500


A Raider Station employee, Griffin Orzech hands a customer their fruit smoothie during the second lunch period, this hospitable practice is what makes the store so unique and well liked. The company will soon be selling products to general citizens along with the students.

Leilani Gibbons, Editor-in-Chief

North Forsyth’s own DECA, a student marketing program, has been on a steep incline and is projected to become a fortune 500 company. The company’s ascent has been thanks to an increase in important numbers that measure market growth and show a tremendous rise in business. Beginning in January of 2018, the Raider Station has sold 80% more product than their previous years and have increased their ACC (Average Consumer Conversion) by 20%.

The Raider Station’s implementation of fresh cookies, coffee, smoothies, Peace Tea and even North-centric merchandise has drawn in a plethora of new, loyal customers who frequently spend their time and money at the store. Their new hours of Monday through Friday from 7:45 to 8:15 in the morning, all four lunch periods and until 4:15 in the afternoons has also helped them gain significant traction within the industry.

The students of DECA are ecstatic about their growth and plan to increase their number of stores and staff members. Vice President of leadership, Bella Angell, revealed, “We plan on expanding our franchise by opening 40 new stations and hiring around 300 new employees. Business is booming in the market industry!”

Not only is the program planning to expand their number of facilities, but they also plan to enlarge the Raider Station inside of the high school. As the demand for more food snacks and North clothing rises, DECA intends on supplying these items for their student consumers as well as outside, adult customers.

“Our proposal is this: the entire front office and atrium will be a storefront for the new, expanded Raider Station,” President Bobby Andrews shared. “Not only will this allow us to spread out the floor plan and create some space, but it gives us an opportunity to dramatically increase clientele.”

As the organization celebrates their accomplishment and continues to make strides in the market, they will resume providing their famous, warm cookies and great merchandise to their faithful customers. Construction for the North location of the Raider Station, as well as the international stations, is set to begin March of 2019.