To My Friend


The significance of the wings is to resemble the meaning of the poem. The angel represents that I will follow you to heaven, or I will chase through hell to make sure you are okay. It was intended to help my friend get through a hard time in her life, and I hope she is doing well.

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer

I can see the pain written on the canvas of your heart.

 Believe me when I say I have tried to understand what has happened, but

 I won’t pretend to know what you have been through.

 I just wish it was me and not you.

Please know I wish it was me and not you.

Everyone deserves moments of peace where their minds are silent.

Their emotions raw.

Where they can feel vulnerable without shame or ridicule.

If it came down to it, I wouldn’t let go even if I was forced to.

 I am here for you no matter what and I will be damned if anyone will hurt you.

We are bound by a simple, fragile band of rubber links, but each one of the links signifies the tears, the blood, the pain, and the struggles we have supported one another through as well as the happiness, the laughter, the jokes and the love we share.

“You Me at Six: Take on the World”.

Through all the denial and accusations thrown about I still cannot imagine a world without you in it.

With our demons running wild, our lives thrown into chaos, and even the joyous times in the midst of a whirlwind,

Then you were taken by a series of unfortunate events.

Taken by the one thing I hoped would let you stay.

I screamed “please don’t leave me” because my heart would forever miss the piece that linked us together.

I screamed “come back I still need you” because my mind could come up with no other phrase to cry out.

Take my outstretched hand and follow me.


The darkness expanded as I reached for you,

But I found only air in the place where your hand once was.

I heard you calling from the other end of the fog, but when I tried to push through, it rejected me like the poles of a magnet.

I heard you cry out in agony as if the shock went from my heart to yours, and it struck you ten times harder.

“Red: Hymn for the missing”

We’re both driving on this endless highway of nightmare after nightmare, twist after twist, crack after crack while you remain silent.

Please say something!

I need to hear your sweet voice say you’re okay, or anything for that matter.

I’m joining hands hopelessly with the support system you left;

Praying your light isn’t fading;

And hoping there is still time to mend the deep gashes across your heart.

I wonder if you can hear me screaming, “Please don’t leave me”.

Screaming, “Come back I still need you”as you’re taken away.

Just one more chance to say goodbye.

 I don’t want to let go.

I’m not that strong.

I just want to take you home and lay with you until you stop crying.

“Chord Overstreet: Hold On”

The world can be so cold, and push us down to where we are nothing but the skin and bones of society; however, even if the world drags us through hell, I solemnly swear I will never leave you.

We may end up on opposite ends of the earth,

But know I am always here.

“Red: Pieces”

We both have a shattered heart in this world, but together we will make it through.

You are stronger than I will ever be.

“Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Your Guardian Angel”

Through all of the hardships you have been through, I commend you for remaining true to yourself.

Hopefully the day will come when all of us can hold each other and say “Home at last”.

“The Lumineers: Angela”