Best Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

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Blaise Rayburn, Literature Editor

As October winds down, and Halloween lurks just around the temporal corner, the public is scrolling frantically and aimlessly through the horror genre on any and every streaming service, searching for that perfect horror movie to watch this Halloween season. This is a compiled list of five of the best horror movies for all tastes and interests.

  1. “It Follows” (2014) – This movie is perfect for that indie film buff in your life, or for anyone with an eye for cinematography. This beautifully shot and scored film has become a recent cult classic, but you don’t need to be a film critic to appreciate its creepiness. If jump scares are your thing, then this isn’t the movie for you. “It Follows” provides the perfect deeply unsettling vibe throughout the entire movie as it chronicles the progression of a monster that transfers from one person to another, endlessly following its host and changing forms. (NOTE: This film contains some content that is geared towards more mature audiences, especially in regards to how the monster changes hosts. Researching the premise is recommended before viewing.)
  2. ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (1974) – The countless remakes and adaptations of this franchise will never live up to the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ in all its 1970s glory. If you have no patience for a lack of modern-day cinematic effects, you may want to pass on this one, but most of the effects in this movie have stood the test of time excellently (especially a certain iconic scene involving a meat hook that scared 1974 audiences straight out of the movie theater). This classic would make anyone scared of a hillbilly neighbor up the street or of the less urbanized country corners of Forsyth.
  3. ‘Halloween’ (1978) – Now is the perfect time to watch this classic, as a sequel taking place 40 years after the events of the original (and ignoring the plots of every other sequel or remake in the franchise) is coming out this October. The original 1978 version creates a deeply unsettling atmosphere and practically created the modern slasher genre.
  4. ‘The Descent’ (2005) – This movie wasn’t a major commercial success, but since its release, it has gained a small cult following. The movie follows an all-female group of amateur cave explorers who get trapped underground after the cave entrance collapses. The girls soon realize that not only is there no other exit in sight, but that they’re not alone in the tunnels. (Bonus: If you’re into comedically terrible horror movies, check out the sequel to this film, which falls so far from the quality of the first that it’s practically a comedy.)
  5. ‘The Ring’ (2002) – Based on the original Japanese adaptation of the novel “Ringu,” this American remake terrified early 2000s audiences with its iconic scene involving a TV. The film’s famous climax may now seem cheesy in the year 2018 due to advances in special effects, but the rest of the movie does an excellent job of keeping viewers creeped out and on edge. The plot revolves around a videotape that leaves anyone who watches it with seven days left to live. This movie is sure to leave you on edge for the week after you watch it because anyone who has watched the movie will have technically seen the tape too.

These five classic, or modern cult-classic, horror gems are sure to provide anyone with a good scare, or at the very least an enjoyable movie experience. So, if you find yourself at a loss for creepy content this Halloween, consider checking out these recommendations.