Raiders Run Away With a Win


The cross country boys’ teams begin their race at Riverside Military Academy. (Photo Credits: Lisa Sines and Timber Studio Photography.)

Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 11, the North Forsyth cross country team had a sweeping victory at the race located at Riverside Military Academy. The race after the school day was not a walk in the park, with the athletes beginning their run on an asphalt track which looped around the tennis courts of the academy. Following this, runners proceeded down a hill to a relatively flat surface where they ran onto a gravel trail. The biggest challenge of the race, however, arose when runners had to scale a large hill towards the end of the course. Senior Chase Weaver described the last stretch of 400 meters as “incredibly tough.” Nevertheless, they persevered and completed the course two times in total before reaching the finish line.

Junior runner Caleb Hall and senior Josh Schunk, took second and third place respectively in the competition overall. Hall described the successes of the day as a “rush of excitement” and said that he “felt very proud of how the team performed.” The NFHS girls’ team had a more challenging race, with one competitor dropping from competition due to a back injury and another passing out during the course of the race. Despite these setbacks, the team prevailed and still ended up pulling out a first place win. Runners Ava Carroll and Bailey Sanders were the stars of the day; they took second and third place in the competition at large with Carroll running the season’s best for the NFHS girls’ team: 20:45.69. Additionally, both the boys’ and girls’ teams achieved first place in the team competition.The Raiders raced at their last competition of the season on Saturday, October 20 at Boling Park.


Best Times of the day:


Ava Carroll: 20:45.69

Bailey Sanders: 21:01.74


Caleb Hall: 15:53.91

Josh Schunk: 16:26.10