The Reality of the Truth


Could things have been different? Photo from Pinterest.

One thing that I have learned in life 

Is that no matter how far

you hide away from the truth

It always comes forward

at the most unexpected moments.


And just like two imaginary lines

drawn across two old, creaky floorboards

There lied me and the person I thought I knew. 

Every memory, every laugh, every smile was erased

Like water on the pavement after a rainstorm.

While it was there, it didn’t last. 

It didn’t last a day, a week, a month,

It didn’t last forever. 


As I stand outside our imaginary, glass house

I can now see the imperfections, 

The cracks in its foundation.

While it looked perfect 

From a distance, from the inside, 

The reality of it all was that 

It was destined to crumble at any given moment. 


As I walked out of that glass house

With my heart on my sleeve

I furthered the division

Between those two floorboards.

Leaving behind the forgotten memories 

And the hidden melodies.