Manhattan Jam


Cab Calloway was the inspiration for Cab as a character and what he said along with other characters’ names. Photo from a 1942 Billboard Magazine.

I was sent on a mission. I’ve been undercover for months; lucky for me werewolves are a bit forgetful. So, it was easy for me to infiltrate my way into their small Manhattan town. My name is Cabell Hastings, and I am the only human in a town of werewolves. 


I was tasked with taking them out by some government men in suits but I’ve got no clue about their identities. They thought I was the only one fit for the job. And, since they only turn at full moons, it gave me plenty of time to plan and give myself alibis. And lucky for me, they all look human till the full moon, so I had no need or worry for a disguise. The first night was a success; morning came and people rushed to see that one of them was dead. Immediately, they tried to weed out the human. I’d say my cover went incredibly well.


“Well, it could not have been me. Last night, I was having the grandest time digging holes in the yard.” I said. 

“It’s true,” Minnie said, “I saw the holes.” 


And I had my alibi. It was as easy as snatching food off the counter. 


“Anyone seen Louis?” Benson asked. 


They all turned their gaze to Louis who stood staring into space. He looked over at us when he felt their stares, “Sorry?” 

They asked again where he was and he responded, “I was sleeping a majority of the night as you do at night.” 


“Really? You didn’t hear your own neighbor make so much noise?” I pointed out. 

If he took the fall, it would mean one more dead without me doing anything.

He stuttered, “Well, it’s just- I was tired!” 

“Suspicious!” I cried out in a high voice, “Who said that?” I asked in my regular one. 


Demitri turned to the crowd, “Yeah, that is a little suspicious.” 

By that point, Louis’ fate was sealed, and he wasn’t gonna see the next moon.


Next night, I made a mistake. I was going to take down Varian and when I did, I didn’t realize Lauren had seen me. I left oblivious to the situation and when morning hit, I was really in for it. The night was a full moon, I couldn’t have waited till everyone was sleeping. It was a rushed job. 

“Oh jumpin jive, who could have done this?” I gasped out when I saw Varian the next day. 

Lauren stepped out of the crowd, “I have a suspicion.” 


I knew I was done for. All I could do was convince everyone she was framing me. 

“Lauren! What did you see?” Minnie asked. 


Lauren turned to me, “I saw Cab! I saw him kill Varien. He was dead by 9:20 last night.”

They turned to me and I chuckled nervously, “Ahaha, what? No, it could not have been me.” 


“Cab, you have blood all over your hands!” Someone pointed out.

I looked down and saw that they were right, rookie mistake on my end. I needed a cover. “Uh, I saw Varien earlier and slipped and got blood all over my hands and clothes.” 

“Why didn’t you tell anyone then?” Lauren pressed.

She was good. 


“I had slipped because I fainted in shock. When I woke up, I left to get help but Artemis had already found him.” 


“Look! He was writing something in the dirt before he died! It says ‘Cab!’” Artemis pointed out.

Okay, this’ll be a hard one to get out of. I almost called a 15 minutes intermission before I thought of a possible way out.


“Cabrina! How could you!” I called out. I didn’t know if there was a Cabrina in town, but I’m hoping there is. I looked up to the sky as if to pray as I sucked the inside of my cheek.


Suddenly, they turned to some other lady, “Me?” 




“Yes, it says Cab, it clearly means you!” Then I remembered Lauren, “You must be working with Lauren. Ganging up on me.” 

Lauren looked around at her fellow people, “Wait, hang on!”


The town seemed to agree and Cabrina and Lauren were out. 

Demetri walked with me for a bit, “I can’t believe that they tried to pin it on you.” 

“I know, but hopefully we’ve got the humans out of this town.” 


Demetri put his hands in his pockets, “Wanna get dinner tonight?” 

“Sure. I’ll have to vacuum first. I tracked a lot of dirt from being a werewolf and doing werewolf things last night.” 

“Vacuum?” He repeated.


“Yeah to get rid of the dirt and dust.” I explained. Maybe werewolves are dumber than I thought.

“But, werewolves hate vacuums!” He stepped away from me. 


Oops, my boss is gonna be so mad.