Girls and Boys Varsity Soccer Games Against FCHS


Ava Droze sending the ball to the offense. Photo by Sydney Jarrard.

On March 5, 2021, the varsity girls and boys soccer team went head to head with Forsyth Central High School. The two games were held at Forsyth Central on their soccer field. 


The varsity girls soccer team played first, and their game began at 5:55 p.m. Central scored four goals during the first half of the game; however, the varsity girls kept up a strong defense as Central continually pressured them. Goalkeeper Ava Droze, #00 , made many saves during the first half, and she assisted the offense when she punted the ball to them. 


Kayla Sensing, #3, and Nicole Sensing, #2, held the ball for most of the time and, Emma Gartland, #23 , and Hayden Galbraith, #15, were able to keep the soccer ball in the middle of the field during most of the game. Isabel Sanchez, #17 , and Mary Lopez, #16 , also had possession of the ball for a significant amount of time. 


During the second half of the game, Heidi Williford, #0 , stepped in as goalie and was able to thwart many of Central’s advances. Two goals were scored by Central during the second half; however, the Lady Raiders defended the goal and their position well. 


North lost to Forsyth Central 0-6, but the Lady Raiders played well and held their own. 

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  • Ava Droze sending the ball to the offense. Photo by Sydney Jarrard.

  • Bryan Silva after scoring his last minute goal. Photo by Sydney Jarrard.

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The varsity boys soccer team played second with the game beginning at 7:55 p.m. When the game started, the ball was kept near Central’s goal for much of the first half. The offensive players had multiple chances to score a goal, but their attempts were thwarted by the Central goalkeeper. Central had a few chances to score; however, goalkeeper Ean Hall, #0 ,stopped all of their attempts at a goal. 

The first half ended 0-0 leaving the players ready for a goal to be scored in the second half. Two minutes into it, North was given a controversial red card. North and Central went down after colliding with each other, and the red card was given to North’s player for allegedly stepping on the player when he stood up.


North battled and showed their strength in soccer during most of the half. Bryan Silva, #8,  scored a free kick with 15minutes left in the second half putting North up 1-0 against Central. North battled with Central with both teams stopping multiple assaults on their goals. John Adams, #11 and Will Mashburn, #4 , had a couple of chances to score during regular time.

With three minutes left, Central scored in the second half making the score 1-1.

With the score tied up, North and Central entered into the first overtime that lasted 15 minutes. Both teams battled, but came up short with the score still 1-1. Going into the second overtime, the ball went back and forth between Central and North, but Central won after scoring a goal with three minutes of overtime left. 


Both varsity teams battled hard against Central. Even though they came up short, both teams showed resilience, strength and teamwork on the field which will improve their playing for the next matches they face.