That Funny Feeling


Junior Sarah Treusch photoshopped herself into INSIDE by Bo Burnham (Graphic by Sarah Treusch).

Earning an A in the class, failing the exam

Getting your dream job, it was a scam

Snap half-face pics, AirPod Pros, space buns 

Eating Gerber baby puffs at your high school lunch

There it is again, that funny feeling


Curling your hair, using a flat iron

Being a homeless man, getting rich off of “Byron”

Asthmatic athletes, UGG boots, Taylor’s Version

Talking for hours on Snapchat but saying nothing in person

There it is again, that funny feeling


Thousands of Instagram followers, no real friends

Dating for one month, “our love has no end”

AP Calc, 3 a.m., growing older

Spending 7 dollars on your Starbucks order

There it is again, that funny feeling


Fifty dollar eyeshadow, dollar lipgloss

4.2 GPA, head empty… no thoughts

Violets are purple, beachy waves, eyebrow razors

Spending 100 dollars on 90’s Nike blazers

There it is again, that funny feeling


Thrifting an outfit, the tag says Shein

Posting kindness matters, being mean 

Urban Outfitters, Three cameras, incorrect Google Translate

Growing up with people for them to go to college in different states

There it is again, that funny feeling


Going to a restaurant, a schoolmate works there 

Getting your belly button pierced, doing it at Claire’s

Spray tans, freshman year, Harry Potter

Taking off waterproof mascara with micellar water

There is again, that funny feeling


Skipping class, sitting in the bathroom

Writing 2021, it’s 2022

Covid-19, high school Spanish, TikTok fame

Seeing 8th graders on the hill at a football game

There it is again, that funny feeling