No Better Time for the Holidays


It is time for candles in the window and trees decorated in red and green. There is no better time for the holidays. Photo by radivs tumbler

There was something different in the air. I walked along the sidewalk covered in a layer of white, powdered snow. The streets were quiet, deserted of any tune of a vehicle. The only sounds were the soft whistle of the wind paired with a delicate thud as each snowflake landed on its individual flight. The quiet was penetrated by the sound of my boots crunching with every step against the snow. I looked up at the sky, breathing in the cool air as it pinched my skin, leaving my nose and cheeks to be a perfect shade of rosy pink. Each house was decked out in shades of red and green. Garland swarmed the balconies, accompanied by strands of warm lights. Candles appeared in the frosted window panes of each house. Looking through the windows, Christmas trees of all kinds filled the once barren space. In one house, a young couple places their last ornament on the tree. The tree sparkles with a perfect combination of red and gold. The lights twinkle and pulse, and the star reflects all the light, making it appear almost magical. In another house, another tree accompanies the window. This tree is lit with flamboyant lights. Homemade decorations hang from each branch. Snowmen and reindeer made of socks and popsicle sticks have never felt more at home than holding the branch of this tree. The family stands back to admire their work of art. A masterpiece made new with each year and each experience. The youngest grabs the infamous gold star as her dad picks her up to reach the trees’ top. The star is placed perfectly, with a slight crookedness, as the family laughs and sings caroling tunes. In the last house, a property of an elder couple, the house is the warmest. Each room is filled with family. Not only does a tree accompany their window, but the sight of a piano does as well. The instrument itself is worn down, with slightly discolored keys hinting at its age and past adventures, but its music is still the most peaceful tune in town. The family gathers around as grandpa plays the famous melody of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” The family joins in, accompanied by laughs and smiles. A small breeze brushes against my cheek, waking me up from my vicarious moments from each house. With this, I am left to ponder. How funny the trees changed from being vibrant to barren because even they know they cannot outshine the beauty of an evergreen. How quickly the weather changed from the crisp, cool air to one that carries messages of Jack Frost encouraging one to sit by their decorations and  fireplace. It seems so sudden, but even nature knows there is no better time than the holidays.