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Jerks, Filters, and Reasons Why

When you see something enough times, it plasters itself to your memory and multiplies.

Jack Kern, Staff Writer

March 8, 2016

There was a period of time a when the anti-bullying movement was at its peak, and one of the many things being drilled into the brains of elementary and middle school students was to “stand up against bullies”. You wouldn’t think it, but those movements were just as effective at stopping bullies...


“Everyone carries an insecurity, a chain around one’s ankle that seems to drag us further away from perfection. Some are self-induced feelings of inadequacy, but most of these insecurities have been explicated by others, making us feel inferior.”

Gracen Martin, Staff Writer

May 18, 2015

To be inferior means to be lower in rank, quality, or status. It means to be less important, to be minor, secondary. Primarily used as an adjective, inferior is used to describe something that is of lesser importance when compared to something else. However, in my opinion, I believe that inferiority...

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