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This is Mr. Cannon, one of North’s counselors.

Is Our School Doing Enough to Prevent Bullying?

Jamie Cabezas, Staff Writer November 22, 2019

Although North Forsyth makes an effort to prevent bullying with an occasional poster on the wall, it does not help stop the torment people receive in the hallways. Most posters are barely visible when...

According to a study at Yale University, bully victims can be up to nine times more likely to consider and/ or attempt suicide than non-victims.

Your words do make a difference

Rachel Lee, Staff Writer March 6, 2017

Out of all of the high school deaths per year, 30% of them are suicides because of bullying. In America, there are around 4,400 suicides per year due to bullying. I don’t want to dish out a load of hard-hitting,...

School organizations like the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) provide a much needed safe space and support group for LGBTQ students.

The Fight for LGBTQ Rights is Not Over

Raider Report May 10, 2016

After the Supreme Court’s historic decision to legalize gay marriage across the United States on June 26, 2015, many Americans believed that the fight for gay rights was over.  However, they could not...

“It was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure, for the linen is the righteous deeds of the saints” Revelation 19:8. Photo used with permission of Mikaela McCord.

The Princess Within

Rachel McCord, Staff Writer March 24, 2015

Cinderella. The very name elicits varying reactions among different people, and, while there are thousands of different interpretations, the general outline of each version is the same: The protagonist’s...

 The tension is high as a visitor observes this rehearsal. Chamber choir singers are practicing their Christmas songs, but one of last year’s graduates is observing them. Joshua Shepherd can feel the tension, and couldn’t resist the chance to lighten the mood. With a pencil up his nose, he makes a ridiculous face at the visitor. Her laughter makes everyone relax. No one else seems to care about his antics because this is an example of everyday Joshua Shepherd.

All Wounds Need to Breathe

Julie Day , Staff Writer November 10, 2014

He is like an iridescent crystal; different people can glance at him and see different things. Although, everyone can agree that senior Joshua Banks Shepherd is a lively character full of royal sass. As...

Seniors Abigail Elrod and Eric Decker illustrate their drastically different emotions when asked to describe how they view their friendship.

Why Do You Have to Be so Rude?

Maddy James, Staff Writer September 18, 2014

I hate school. I hate it, not because of the continuous hours in a sitting position or the nasty cafeteria food or the piles of useless homework but because of the hatred I witness in the hallways daily....

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