Is Our School Doing Enough to Prevent Bullying?


This is Mr. Cannon, one of North’s counselors.

Although North Forsyth makes an effort to prevent bullying with an occasional poster on the wall, it does not help stop the torment people receive in the hallways. Most posters are barely visible when people walk by. Students tend to talk in the hallway, meaning they don’t have time to read the posters because they have to get to class. 

Bullying should be addressed immediately because most teenagers don’t know how to stick up for themselves. Some students are afraid to tell an adult because they are afraid they might get into trouble or that the bully would torment them more for doing so. 

North Forsyth intervenes through counselors and administrators for bullying. The counselors, however, can’t do anything if they don’t know anything. NFHS counselor, Austin Cannon, expressed “We can’t help if our students don’t speak up.” Telling a trusted adult, or a family member can prevent themselves, and others from being bullied. If you see something going on around you, tell someone about the situation.

If you don’t want to intervene, you can convince your friend or acquaintance that is being picked on to come forward and tell the counselors about what has been happening. 

North Forsyth has been successful in preventing bullying as far as they know. They try to stay updated with what’s going on. People out there are going to bully regardless of what we do, but it is the way we handle the situation that can impact how things go. 

If someone insults you and doesn’t stop, you can return their mean comment with a nice comment, which will catch them off guard. As on the Selena Gomez song, “kill ‘em with kindness.” 

In conclusion, North High is doing all that they can to help prevent bullying, but if we don’t speak up, we won’t be able to solve anything. If we respond in the expected way, bullies won’t stop tormenting whoever they see walk by.