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New York’s famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Christmas is Still Here

Kate Jennings, Feature Editor December 12, 2023

What ever happened to Christmas? One day you blink, and it seems that all that childhood magic is gone.    When you’re growing up, Christmas is magical and joyful. Santa eats your cookies...

Even as we change, the places where we grew up stay the same.

An Ode to Small Italian Restaurants and Growing Up

Abbey Underhill, Staff Writer September 6, 2023

there is an unwilling and unwitting amount of  comfort found at the same table as your  siblings once you grow older   once the ages add up and with them the  number of living spaces...

A stork, which is a symbol of birth and motherhood. Photo by PNG Item.


Iris Chiofolo, Staff Writer March 14, 2023

Oh, how you are just like your mother. Your chin is long like hers, and your eyes are tilted like hers. You are humble like she is, but neither of you is afraid to stand up for yourself if needed. You...

From the start of school to the end, where did the time go? Photo from Pinterest.

Where Did the Time Go?

Tori Harrill, Staff Writer May 3, 2022

I open my eyes to the sound of my mother entering my room to stir me from my peaceful slumber. Hanging on my dresser is a perfectly pink dress paired with my glittered, light-up sketchers. She brushes...

I am from shivering cold winters,where the snowmen towered over me
and the conifers grazed the sky.

I Am

Abby Marks, Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2019

I am from shivering cold winters, Where the snowmen towered over me And the conifers grazed the sky. I am from puffy jackets And too many layers of mittens and socks To keep me warm.   I...

In the past several years, it seems the quality of blockbuster films has decreased. Hollywood churns out movies with budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars and rakes in billions more from the box office, like an old and dirty bucket being filled up, dumped out, and repeating the process. The worst part of this analogy is that we, the moviegoers, are the ones drinking the dirty water. (Photo from Youtube)

Where Did the Great Movies Go?

Holley Murray, Literature Editor February 3, 2019

Recently, I saw one of the worst movies I have ever seen in theaters. Anyone who knows me knows I will be the first in line to see whatever new psychological thriller is out, so when I went to see an evening...

Brian just completed his annual Vision Walk in South Carolina. The Vision Walk is sponsored by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness and helps to raise awareness for RP and other eye diseases. Photo used with permission from Mr. Herrin.

Brian’s Battle

Rachel McCord, Staff Writer March 19, 2015

Earlier this month, Mr. Herrin came to my psychology class during our study of the eye and shared about a disorder that his grandson, Brian, has, known as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Brian is ten years...

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