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A Sea of Emotion

This poem was inspired by the novel “Fahrenheit 451”. Photo by: Blue Loft.

Cynda Allen, Opinion Editor

October 30, 2019

From the river Into the woods He drifted With a sea of thoughts that could not be lifted He drifted Feelings and emotions The waves of his mind came flooding in a chorus of voices He thought of all of his choices The moon was high Stars floated motionlessly in the sky All was silent Stumbl...

Did You Say ‘Slam Poetry’?!

Did You Say ‘Slam Poetry’?!

Natalie Wilson, Features Editor

November 14, 2014

Yes, poetry is for somewhat emotionally-challenged nerds who lovingly embrace said characteristics, but what is slam poetry? What could even be so “slam’ about it? When we talk about poetry, we think of melodic rhymes and tear-jerking metaphors, but slam poetry is packed with hardcore, straight-up feelings...

Medicinal Music

A music symbol made out of wood chips from the school parking lot.

Brandon Moss, Sports Editor

March 13, 2014

The soul is a pool which may be filled with resentment, glee, sorrow, and even marvel at the universe in which we exist. Silence is deafening, and unorganized noise is just maddening. Concentrated sound, however, is soothing: the beat of a heart, the tapping of rain. Music is medicinal, in a variety...

No Body Stands Without Beauty

Swayed by multiple factors in our lives, we high school students focus on our flaws instead of our complete selves. This negative body image and consequential low self-esteem damages our mindsets and bodies, but many solutions exist to aid us in our transformation to self-confident teenagers who can recognize our internal and external beauty.

Caitlin Shelby, Staff Writer

November 18, 2013

Sitting before the television, coloring book spread before my crossed twig legs and juice box propped by my side, I admired, from a disappointing distance, the lives of teenagers as Disney Channel conveyed to me. Their lives seemed surreally beautiful: boyfriends, cars, adventures, and cute clothes....

Blindsided by Football Movies

“The thing about football - the important thing about football - is that it is not just about football.” – Terry Pratchett.

Isabella Higgins & Maddie Highland, Staff Writers

October 30, 2013

Everyone loves fall because it is football season.  What better way to spend chilly nights than watching inspirational football movies to kick off the season of touchdowns?   Four great movies come to mind when someone says football: The Blind Side, Facing the Giants, Remember the Titans, and Friday Ni...

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