A Sea of Emotion


This poem was inspired by the novel “Fahrenheit 451”. Photo by: Blue Loft.

From the river
Into the woods
He drifted
With a sea of thoughts that could not be lifted
He drifted
Feelings and emotions
The waves of his mind came flooding in a chorus of voices
He thought of all of his choices
The moon was high
Stars floated motionlessly in the sky
All was silent
Stumbling across a barn loft, he lay
Taking in the sweet smell of hay
The sun rose above the hills
He woke up behind a barn with mills
Stepping into the pink light of early dawn, he found it
A glass of milk, an apple, a pear
He stood there
For the first time in his life, he felt free
Walking down train tracks in the morning breeze
The land rushed at him, a tidal wave
To society’s ways, he was no longer a slave