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Everything has to end eventually.


Danielle Stone, Staff Writer May 23, 2016

Everything was perfect, But only for a moment. It couldn’t last Because no beautiful thing can.   It was a delicate thing, Fragile, as if made of glass, And it cracked Right...

There are many things in life that cannot be explained. The trick is to find the beauty in even the small things. Don’t let yourself miss out on the splendor of life.


Rachel (Rae) Lee, Staff writer November 9, 2015

We are alone. All alone in the dark, But somehow, that darkness seems like light To the human eye. That is how we began: In the arctic, barren, and sinister nothingness. They call it...

:  “Their eyes met and suddenly, the epiphany of their existence was comprehended and grasped. They finally realized why they were perfect for one another. They were opposites.”


JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer November 5, 2014

They were opposites, you see. Black and white, high and low, hot and cold. The pair never agreed on any subject, not a single one. However, they knew that they were perfect for one another. How could...

“Following straight lines shortens distances, and also life,” says Antonio Porchia, an Argentian poet. If we all lived straight lines, we would have no lives. If we all lived as circles, we would never die.

This Squiggly Mess We Call Life

Rhiannon Martin, Staff Writer October 31, 2014

A circle is a never ending figure with no corners, no branching off, no turns, no backtracking, and no end. Just the same old thing over and over. A line is a never ending, straight arrow pointing in one...

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