: “Their eyes met and suddenly, the epiphany of their existence was comprehended and grasped. They finally realized why they were perfect for one another. They were opposites.”

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

They were opposites, you see. Black and white, high and low, hot and cold. The pair never agreed on any subject, not a single one. However, they knew that they were perfect for one another.

How could that be? Their thoughts were separate, feelings separate, life separate. Yet, they were stuck together like two peas in a pod. Never to be taken apart. Their worlds were completely divergent, and still, both were unbreakable, inseparable. The white one questioned the other, “Why are we bonded when I can’t understand how you live?”

“I indeed do not know why we were joined, nor do I remember the action of our unification. However, we must persevere through and continue existing,” said the black half.

The white did not understand the response or how it worked, but it continued existing otherwise. After several decades of ongoing existence, the two became both bored and confused, leading to a larger amount curiosity to form.

The white one asked, “Why are we so different than everyone else and continue to be living a life with a lack of spirit?”

“I indeed do not know why we differ the way we do. The lack of spirit, however, is caused by our empty minds and lonely hearts. We do not fathom the understandings of our kind,” the black responded. Neither of them had the guts to speak out and share their emotions. Even if they did, they wouldn’t understand each other.


After centuries past and eras came and went, the duo finally shared their feelings toward their condition. The white one exclaimed, “I am tired of this! Why do I not know any answers to my never ceasing questions?

“It takes patience and love to understand our level of curiosity. I, myself, do not comprehend why we are stuck together, why time does not pass, why we came to be the way we are now, but we must continue existing,” the black one replied.


The black one started to cry and cry and cry. It wept for the confusion and abandonment that was brought upon them. There was nothing left to do, nothing they could do to stop the mystery behind their lives. They were left with pure hopelessness.

One day, the black half noticed a circle in the white half.

“Why do you have a black hole in you?” it questioned. The white half looked up and glanced at the dark object on its body. Then, it looked down upon the black. There was a circle of equivalent size on the black half, but it was white.

“I am not sure where it came from or why it appeared. However, you, yourself, have the same material on you. We both have holes of each others’ colors.”

“I wonder if they’ve been attached to us all of our lives,” the black stated. Their eyes met and suddenly, the epiphany of their existence was comprehended and grasped. They finally realized why they were perfect for one another.

They were opposites.

The answer was right in front of them their entire journey, but their eyes were blind to the truth. Because the match was so different, so separate, they functioned and collided without an explanation. They were so focused on the negative that the positive was impossible to envision. From the beginning of time, they were unified. They had a piece of each other in them: the good and the bad. It was a perfect balance. It was life.