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The man known only as Tarrare was a medical anomaly. He could eat anything without ever gaining weight, and to this day nobody knows how he could accomplish such feats. (Photo by George Cruikshank)

(The True Story Of) Tarrare: Boy, Soldier, Beast

Emma Simmons, Sports Editor January 31, 2022

Tarrare Insatiable beast Skin and bones Eating enough for 4 men Grinding his teeth on his horrible feast Trash, flesh, cats, stones Meat, wood, blood and bones Unfastening his jaw,...

The velociraptor, pictured above, is not all that you think them to be. Velociraptors, the stars of movies like Jurassic Park, every sequel after, and Jurassic World, were actually the size of lapdogs. They also had feathers.

Five Fun Facts about Dinosaurs

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer February 23, 2016

Growing up, there is always a time in one’s life where the idea of dinosaurs, gigantic beings larger than one’s infinite imagination can even fathom, is practically an obsession. Childhood memories...

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