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Social Justice Movements: Good in Theory, Troublesome in Practice

Students of North Forsyth High School stand with signs to represent groups they are a part of, but are scared to actively advocate for. All things in life have good and bad side to them, but when people have to hide their thoughts and beliefs because the word itself brings a nasty taste to people’s mouths, there is a problem. All of these started out with good intentions, to help save people and bring equality, but are now tarnished by members within the advocacy group itself.

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor

September 23, 2016

Humans are opinionated by nature and when it comes to a matter of civil rights, we are doubly so; but is that always a good thing? The thoughts themselves are very logical. Black lives do matter. Women are equal to men. LGBT+ people should be able to marry or use the bathroom of the preference. Everyone...

Gay Anthem

Don’t be scared of falling in love with the same sex. The only shameful thing in it is that some people can find something vulgar in love.

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer

September 13, 2014

This playlist is for the people who are sick of hearing songs on the radio that they cannot relate to; this is for the guys who smirk whenever their parents talk about them getting a girlfriend because they know they never will, for the girls who want love songs that were intended for them to sing to...

Friday Links: American Politics vs. Eastern European Politics

Lacy Hamilton, Editorials Editor

March 3, 2014

Ukraine The new government of Ukraine has placed an arrest warrant on ousted president Viktor Yanukovych for the mass murder of many innocent civilians. On Tuesday, Parliament voted to send the former president to the International Criminal Court. Now on the run after being ousted from legislature...

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