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Important Economic Changes of 2018

Chick-fil-a’s decision to experiment with meal kits is one example of how technological innovation has begun to shift economic activity and how stores interact with the world. These meal kits are being sold at certain locations in the Atlanta area until November 17.

Emily Stocksdale, Editor-in-Chief

November 2, 2018

There is no denying that the world is changing at a fast pace. Technological innovations, among other things, push us into a new era of modernity, where not even the oldest and most traditional of industries are left untouched. Technology has an impact on everything, from the social to the cultural to t...

The Technological Race Against Human Relations

The amount of technology we depend on everyday is beginning to pile up, but what are we forsaking in terms of relations?

Ramya Raja, Staff Writer

April 19, 2017

The leaps in innovation and technology have been numerous and astounding ever since The Stone Age. New inventions such as the wheel and the smartphone have revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with the world. New technologies will continue to change the way the world works; however, what ...

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