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Destiny Year Three Launches with New Expansion

Destiny’s latest downloadable content released on Tuesday, September 20. This fresh content called Rise of Iron adds new levels and gear to the vault of the bestselling game ever.

Austin McIntosh, Staff Writer

September 23, 2016

Year three of Destiny launched on Tuesday, September 20 with a brand new expansion called Rise of Iron. This expansion pack features a collection of new and exciting weapons, armor, and other materials. Rise of Iron also gives guardians an increased level cap of 400 to achieve by the means of story missions,...

Discover Love(craft)

(From Left to Right) Cameron Conner, Graham Dowdy, and Jimmy Weaver stand outside of their favorite coffee shop, Inman & Perk in the Gainesville Square. The musicians spend their time here enjoying coffee along with spontaneously creating melodies on the piano inside the store.

Erin Dickman, Social Media and Promotions

October 13, 2014

  In the back of Inman & Perk, looking out onto a brick-walled alley of Gainesville, Georgia, I got to chat with three abstract guys who found their passion in creating alternative music. Love(craft) is an upcoming, local band consisting of Cameron Conner, Graham Dowdy, and Jimmy Weaver who...


Simmering, waiting, watching for its next victim.

Bim Peacock, Staff writer

February 7, 2014

“Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning…” The sky rose with bloody light as the flames of the future ignited the land.  The trees shook and creaked, shuddering as they foresaw death on the horizon.  Yet humanity did as humanity does, and began the new day. They came, whatever they w...

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