Destiny Year Three Launches with New Expansion


Destiny’s latest downloadable content released on Tuesday, September 20. This fresh content called Rise of Iron adds new levels and gear to the vault of the bestselling game ever.

Austin McIntosh, Staff Writer

Year three of Destiny launched on Tuesday, September 20 with a brand new expansion called Rise of Iron. This expansion pack features a collection of new and exciting weapons, armor, and other materials. Rise of Iron also gives guardians an increased level cap of 400 to achieve by the means of story missions, strikes, and raids that are introduced into the Destiny world. The competitive Crucible mode in Destiny also received fresh content, including three new maps and a team-based game mode called Supremacy.

Upon the launch of Rise of Iron, most Destiny guardians played through the new story missions to unlock better gear and to prepare for the raid that releases on Friday, September 23. Along with an exciting story line addition, players may discover secret quests that unlock a slew of new Exotic weapons, including rifles and swords. Also arriving on Friday, September 30 is Destiny’s most played mode in Trials of Osiris.

The race is on to see which guardians will rise in Rise of Iron.