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NFL Players are Choosing to Kneel During National Anthem

It has always been a well known tradition to have a vocalist sing the National
Anthem while everybody in the stands and all the players stand with their hand over their heart.
Recently, it has become popular for football players to kneel in protest during the anthem, and it
has caused unrest all across America.

Abby Marks, Staff Writer

December 21, 2017

NFL players on teams from all over the country have been either locking arms with their team mates or kneeling during the National Anthem before the game. They are kneeling not to protest Trump or to disrespect veterans or our military, but to protest police brutality and oppression against African...

Colin Kapernick’s “Athemgate” Rages On

Kapernick’s simple act of sitting has both inspired admiration and hate. (Source:

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer

September 21, 2016

Colin Kapernick is at the center of controversy for multiple incidents involving both the National Anthem and police officers. The first was during a preseason game he decided, as an act of protest, to sit down during the National Anthem. An act of heresy in any situation, but Kapernick felt he was justified. ...

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