Damar Hamlin Injury and Updates


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Hamlin’s teammates devastated by injury

On January second every football fan was horrified and alarmed during the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game on Monday Night Football when the Bills Safety ,Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after making a tackle. The medical team quickly rushed out from the sideline and were seen giving CPR to the safety who was reportedly not breathing.


Both teams were taken off the field and headed to the locker room, after which the referees ended the game. Many were confused on what just occurred on the field and many people sent out prayers to Hamlin and to his family. 


The following day of this tragic event, it was all over the news. Hamlin was reported to be unconscious, and had to breathe through a tube. The game is also never going to be continued whatsoever after the tragic event.


All the NFL teams changed their profile pictures on every social media site to the letter three for Hamlin, and on the thirty yard lines on both sides of the field they highlighted the three to honor him. 


Hamlin had a toy drive for kids whose parents didn’t have the money to buy toys for their kids and gained around $8.5 million dollars over the weekend from people who wanted to show their support for him. Players like The Bills Wide Receiver Stephon Diggs would go to the hospital that Hamlin stayed at and would visit him.


Five days after Hamlin had been in the hospital, he would eventually wake up and ask who won the Monday night game by writing it down. 


The doctor’s responded by saying, “You won. You’ve won the game of life.”


Hamlin showed success in being able to move his hands and feet, and following commands that the doctors would ask him. During week 18 of the NFL season, there would be a moment of silence in honor of Hamlin and on the very first kickoff of the Bills and Patriots game, Bills Kick returner Nyheim Hines would run it back for a touchdown for his teammate. He would go on to do it again during the third quarter too.


Hamlin would eventually get moved from the Ohio hospital to a Buffalo one and would say to NBC news that he is “grateful” for the care he had received. Hamlin also reportedly had his breathing tube removed and is now working on walking again.


Hamlin’s injury was scary, but it did show that people care more about the players and that it’s more than just the game of football with all the love and support he gained from everybody. Thoughts and prayers to Hamlin for a speedy recovery.

Hamlin in hospital bed during Bills and Patriots game (CNN)