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A bacterial phage considered an alternative to antibiotic treatments.

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Phage Therapy

Ava White, Staff Writer February 20, 2024

American citizens should be dissatisfied, if not wholly repulsed, with the selfishness of the US Healthcare system. Every year, fourteen million people in the US enter inescapable debt due to expensive...

Rain slit through the air. It stole the breath from the children, and wood burned to fight its wicked sting. Boots scurried, doors slammed. Everyone holed up inside to wait out the Forty-Five.

“Forty-Five: Fifteen”

Natalie Wilson, Co-Editor December 19, 2016

The generators above whirred into silence. Dark settled around the city, enveloping every life in a shivering cold. Rain slit through the air. It stole the breath from the children, and wood burned to...

Starchiness has secured its role as one of the now six main tastes. Its debut was published last month in the Oxford digital magazine Chemical Senses.

Research Discovers Sixth Taste

Daniel Snodgrass, Staff Writer October 5, 2016

Until recent developments, it was widely accepted by the scientific community that the average human tongue could only distinguish five tastes: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and “umami”—a...

The velociraptor, pictured above, is not all that you think them to be. Velociraptors, the stars of movies like Jurassic Park, every sequel after, and Jurassic World, were actually the size of lapdogs. They also had feathers.

Five Fun Facts about Dinosaurs

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer February 23, 2016

Growing up, there is always a time in one’s life where the idea of dinosaurs, gigantic beings larger than one’s infinite imagination can even fathom, is practically an obsession. Childhood memories...

Scientists in New York discover a way to program very polite robots who apologize for their mistakes and question what this means for roboticists in the future. Daily Mail writer, Sarah Griffiths, comments on the experiment in an analysis of, “Its response demonstrates a basic level of self-awareness ... as well as good manners.”

Scientists Create Polite Robot That Passes Self-Awareness Test

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer November 9, 2015

Scientists, in a string of events that a decade ago could only be imagined in sci-fi horror movies where robots take over the world, take the next step to free-thinking robots by creating a robot that...

Credit to for the picture. The fossil is now being run through multiple tests to reveal more details about exactly what might have happened with the tectonic plates.

17 million Year Old Fossil Explains African Uplift

Amanda Lewsader, Staff writer April 3, 2015

If anyone has taken the biology course at North Forsyth High School, then they would have learned about the Geologic Time Scale, index fossils, and how scientists date fossils or rocks: Radiometric or...

Many people take a stance on the controversial debate of whether GMO’s benefits outweigh the harm they inflict by identifying as pro-GMO or pro-organic. Freshman, Leilani Gibbons, provides her evidence to support organic products with the aid of bees. “Bees are an essential part of the environment because they provide for all of life,” Leilani says. “They are debatably the most important species in the circle of life.”

Why the Human Race Needs to Help the Bees

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer March 11, 2015

With so many animals in the world, it is difficult to comprehend that an entire ecosystem—in fact, a entire world—could be so delicate to dependent upon one taxon of creatures, a group called the pollinators....

Nelson Selected For an Honorary Award

Nelson Selected For an Honorary Award

Kayla Salemi, Staff Writer March 2, 2015

North Forsyth High School Biology teacher, Stephen Nelson, was recently selected by Georgia Science Teacher Association to be named as 2015 High School Science Teacher of Promise. Mr. Nelson graduated...

Photo used with permission by Beth Elzey. Due to the differences in mutations that cause autism, scientists say that it is more appropriate to refer to the disorder as “autisms” (in that, it is plural) to allow diversity within the disorder.

Why the ‘S’ in Autisms Matters

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer February 23, 2015

Due to increasing research on the developmental disorder, geneticists have become more knowledgeable on the genetic makeup of those who are autistic, which shows that people who are on the autistic spectrum...


Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer February 3, 2015

The gravity model is a theory that says the desirability of places is based on size and distance between three or more cities. In short, the gravity model is based upon two variables: population and...

Pictured above: Harriet Brooks, female scientist of the nineteenth century who was the first to realize that elements can change from one to another.

10 Female Scientists We Never Learned About

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer February 3, 2015

Men have almost always dominated the field of science in every degree. Women who partook in scientific pursuits were not considered valuable to their male counterparts or did not receive credit for the...

A human hooked up to an electrode cap that monitored their brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG) moves a rat’s tail using specialized technology.

The Weird and the Wonderful

Emma Franklin, News Editor May 13, 2014

California Gerald Freeman, hopes turn the small town of Nipton into a self sustaining green community, and he hopes to have the town function as independently from outside recourses as possible. When...

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