Nelson Selected For an Honorary Award

Nelson Selected For an Honorary Award

Kayla Salemi, Staff Writer

North Forsyth High School Biology teacher, Stephen Nelson, was recently selected by Georgia Science Teacher Association to be named as 2015 High School Science Teacher of Promise. Mr. Nelson graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science Education with an emphasis in Biology. He tells that he was extremely surprised to be selected by such an amazing group of fellow science educators. He has been selected for this award, though he has only won one another in his education career. He stated “In the field of education, I have only been awarded one other time, which was the Pyramid Award at North Forsyth High School.  They Pyramid Award is an in-house award to recognize teachers for their hard work at the school.  The award is given to teachers that exhibit the characteristics of diligence and professionalism.”

As a child Nelson explained that he always enjoyed science though it wasn’t until 9th through 12th grade that he realized that Biology was what he enjoyed most. He then stated, “For a while growing up, I was interested in going into the medical field, but in the 12th grade, while I was taking AP Biology, I decided that perusing a job in the field of pharmaceutical research was more interesting to me.  I then studied Molecular Biology/Biochemistry and Genetics at The University of Georgia to reach that goal.”

Nelson said also, growing up, Nelson’s role model was his father. His father was hard working and supported his family to the best of his ability, and Nelson wanted to mirror his father’s values.

In the classroom he is very fun-loving and energetic with his students. One of his senior students, Emily Bergman said, “He is not a bore to listen to, and he know how to keep our attention.” Nelson continues to boost that he feels his greatest accomplishment in life has been graduating from college and being able to purse teaching as a career in which was a life goal of his. He continues to teach in a fun environment, which is the reason so many children enjoy his teaching technique. Nelson is extreme kind, and his students are proud to have him as a teacher. Overall Nelson and many people who know Nelson are very happy for this honorary selection.