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An Open Letter to the Boy that Called Me Ugly

Sincerely, A Girl Who is Definitely Not Ugly

Noelle Walker, Arts and Entertainment Editor

April 15, 2016

An Open Letter to the  Boy that Called Me Ugly: I am completely repulsed by what you thought gave you the right to do so. Not even to mention that it wasn't even to my face. What gives you the right to put a label on what you determine as beautiful? What right do you have to send these hateful...

The Princess Within

“It was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure, for the linen is the righteous deeds of the saints” Revelation 19:8. Photo used with permission of Mikaela McCord.

Rachel McCord, Staff Writer

March 24, 2015

Cinderella. The very name elicits varying reactions among different people, and, while there are thousands of different interpretations, the general outline of each version is the same: The protagonist’s mother passes away, and Cinderella’s father is dead and/or absent while she is mistreated by...

Self-love Above All Else

Looking in the mirror should reflect oneself, not the image of what others want. When someone looks in the mirror, they should be happy with the person standing on the other side.

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer

March 2, 2015

Many people make the mistake of establishing their entire lives on the judgment of others. They do not live as themselves; they live instead in fear of rejection, as puppets, so to say, of what other people want them to be. Their true character is traded for the acceptance of those around them. If...

No Body Stands Without Beauty

Swayed by multiple factors in our lives, we high school students focus on our flaws instead of our complete selves. This negative body image and consequential low self-esteem damages our mindsets and bodies, but many solutions exist to aid us in our transformation to self-confident teenagers who can recognize our internal and external beauty.

Caitlin Shelby, Staff Writer

November 18, 2013

Sitting before the television, coloring book spread before my crossed twig legs and juice box propped by my side, I admired, from a disappointing distance, the lives of teenagers as Disney Channel conveyed to me. Their lives seemed surreally beautiful: boyfriends, cars, adventures, and cute clothes....

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