An Open Letter to the Boy that Called Me Ugly

Sincerely, A Girl Who is Definitely Not Ugly

Sincerely, A Girl Who is Definitely Not Ugly

Noelle Walker, Arts and Entertainment Editor

An Open Letter to the  Boy that Called Me Ugly:

I am completely repulsed by what you thought gave you the right to do so. Not even to mention that it wasn’t even to my face.

What gives you the right to put a label on what you determine as beautiful? What right do you have to send these hateful words without any thoughts to the damage or pain they may cause? What right do you have to say destructive words that could tear someone down without a care on whether or not may hear it?

The answer is nothing. Nothing gives you the right.

However, these words did not hurt me. They did not destroy the image I have of myself or my self esteem. As a matter of fact, it was probably best that I was the victim of these terrible words for this reason: what if I had been someone to believe these words? What if I had taken them to heart and became self concious of the way I look?

Instead of this reaction, this commentary gave me anger. It gave me rage. It gave me a sick feeling in my stomach due to the fact that I realized how cruel some people can be, even those who were once close to you.

I realize now that these people who act in hateful ways, whether or not they know you, are not worth your time. Especially considering the speaker of these words obviously doesn’t know who I really am, and that the way you look is not the thing that makes you truly beautiful.

If, by chance, you read this, think about what may happen next time ugly words come out of your mouth.

And, if anyone else reading this has been a victim of terrible words, know this: they are worth so much more than all of those words. They are more than those words.


A Girl Who is Definitely Not Ugly