The Raider Wire

A Misfortunate Excursion

The atmosphere had shifted so quickly that it nearly knocked the wind from Alonzo’s lungs.  He was vividly aware of each breath he took, and the sounds around him suddenly seemed amplified immensely.  The waves and the cries of the gulls crashed through his mind with rugged insistence.

Emily Stocksdale, Literature Editor

October 14, 2016

Foamy green sloshed across the deck, propelled by the boat’s precarious tilting against the waves.  Rain pelted down as if eager to aid in the vessel’s destruction.  The wooden planks creaked worryingly, and even as Alonzo was darting from the hold to toss more cargo down below, he hesitated slightly,...

To the Depths of the Sea

He gazed longingly into the sea, waiting for the day when she would return to him.

Emily Stocksdale, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

Waves came rolling in to break against the craggy shore.  He watched as they scurried back, only to gather themselves back up and ram against the rocks once more.  Straining his eyes, he looked as far as he could into the distance, but it was futile.  The sun was setting, and with it went any hope...

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