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Her soul formed the sketch of a bear in the sky, the name of Ursa Major, her soul dotted in stars on the dark span of the sky.
April 27, 2016

Leaves weaved into her hair, grass looking piercing but feeling soft, laced around delicate fingers, a celestial body that belonged among the stars lay nude among the imperfect earth that was dented with...

The Fox on the Rocks

To the darling girls, the dearest of boys;  Hear now of the Fox, whose clock now stops
Because he was a monster, for it was he that destroys.
March 24, 2016

The Fox strolled in, bound down by chain The rabbits and rats, thrushes and cats Cried high for blood, for such to fall like rain.   Slammed the gavel of stone, the Stag Magistrate “Silence...

The Mirror

Pale, thin, ghosts of their former selves…
October 31, 2014

The mirror was cracked. It bothered her. A line snaking along the side, unnoticed then suddenly veering into view. It was ugly. To her eyes, it was an abomination of the sickest nature. Her mother said...

What She Doesn’t Know

With a sigh he brushed his filthy hand across his sweaty, sun beaten forehead to rid the sweat that had accumulated there, any thoughts of her and what they had been were gone.
March 14, 2014

Africa, Uganda to be more specific, is the setting. He rests on his knees, perched high on the partially built church that he and his other humanitarian group members are building.  He gazes at the picture...

Forever and Always

“And in that moment, my world went dark.”
December 12, 2013

I sat staring out of the fogged glass window of our shared house waiting for him to come home. I had been there for hours; I was desperately trying to think of various reasons for why he could have been...

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