Call for Submissions

Interested in becoming a Contributing or Guest Writer for the Raider Wire? Have an idea for an on-going column? Have a review or resource you’d like to share? Have an opinion about a current political or world issue that you’d like to contribute?  We enjoy topics that inspire, entertain and educate our readers and welcome writings that reflect school and local community efforts of parents, teens, teachers, artists, activists and community leaders.  All writing styles welcomed, including humor, reviews, community-based educational opportunities, seasonal cooking & crafts and DIY posts. The Raider Wire reserves the right to edit any submissions. Send your query to [email protected]


COMMENT POLICY: Comments are a way for readers to voice their opinions on an article, although may not be inappropriate; therefore if they violate this policy they will not be allowed to pass our pre-moderation process.

Comments are encouraged as long as they are on topic, focused on the article being commented on, and are positive, even if they are critiquing the authors work.

A comment will be deleted if:

The comment attacks a named person or group.

The comment makes readers uncomfortable on the basis of ones race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or similar aspect of personal life.

The comment personally attacks a student or faculty member.

The comment is unreasonably negative towards the newspaper as a whole; constructive criticism is allowed unless hurtful, intentional or otherwise.

The comment is explicit sexually or any other way deemed inappropriate for students in a school setting.

It is determined that the comment is made under a false name or uses another persons name or e-mail address.

The comment threatens or encourages violence.

The comment encourages illegal behavior.

The comment violates copyright or privacy protections.



The Raider Wire will not print anything in the newspaper that is deemed libelous, obscene or in poor taste, in accordance with the Supreme Courts justified standards. Rights are reserved to postpone, edit, or withhold from the publication anything submitted which does not meet the specifications.

The meaning of any submission will not be altered, but we reserve the right to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation when necessary.

Additionally, The Raider Wire refuses to print criticism which is not constructive and not supported by facts. The editors and adviser will make the final decision on all material appearing in The Raider Wire.

Letters to the editor should be sent to: [email protected].

As a responsible newspaper, The Raider Wire will not intentionally invade the privacy of any person and will make every effort to correctly spell names and make accurate class and position identifications. Accurate reporting of fact is the goal of the staff.

Opinions will be clearly marked and found on the editorial pages or as designated on other pages.