Art Club Launches an Imagination Squared Project


NAHS secretary Alexa Edwards proudly holds her finished Imagination Square. Painted on the square is Bob Ross’ most famous quote: “No mistakes, only happy accidents.”


The art club is planning to make a mural in the school, inspired by a project called Imagination Squared, which is based in Athens, Ga.

Imagination Squared is a project started by University of Georgia. The program gives out free 5-inch wooden squares to people around Athens to allow them to create art along the theme “resilience.” 

North Forsyth art teacher, Ms. Boyanton, participated in this campaign and wanted the North Forsyth art club to take part in it as well. Throughout the month of October, each student in art club and National Art Honors Society (NAHS)  have been painting their own square going along with the theme “Make Your Mark.” NAHS secretary Alexa Edwards made her Imagination Square similar to a Bob Ross painting as “Bob Ross inspires [her] to be the artist who [she] is today.” 

Besides Bob Ross inspired squares, students are painting a variety of different things from memes to abstract art that represent their artistic style. In addition, the students use different mediums in their Imagination Squares such as glitter from their makeup palette or hot wax to create a mini encaustic. 

Art club and NAHS are hoping to hang these squares side by side to create a mural for the school; amidstration has not yet decided where these squares will be put up. Eventually, NAHS and art club will start reaching to the community with this project, allowing kids all around Coal Mountain Elementary School and North Forsyth Middle and High School to paint their own squares. The students will paint their squares based on our school motto, “Pride, Passion,Purpose,” and the Imagination Squares will be put up at North Forsyth High School along with art club’s squares.

NAHS wants to reach out to the community and inspire students to create their own art, and the “Imagination Squared” project will allow them to do so. It will most likely be a year long project for NAHS and art club to work out and execute.