Friday Links: Obamacare Website Issues


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Critics of the website for Obamacare point to flaws in the design of the site itself rather than the amount of users visiting it

On October 1st, the website for Obamacare went live and shortly thereafter encountered several technical issues such as users being unable to sign up and server crashes. Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary for Health and Human Services, claimed that President Obama did not know about any of the potential issues with the website until it went live, despite the fact that pretesting with just a few hundred users caused the site to crash. Recently, it was revealed that the programmers who created the site complained about unrealistic deadlines and buggy software.  Although the administration claims that the issues are linked to the large amounts of people visiting the website, some critics point to flaws in the overall design of the site itself as the real reason for the website’s issues. Despite the problems, nearly 500,000 people have been successful in registering for the new healthcare plan.