Getting to Know Kaylyn Thomas

Kaylyn Thomas prepares for battle behind the diving blocks at the 2013 State Championships.

Photo by Jack Dalmolin

Kaylyn Thomas prepares for battle behind the diving blocks at the 2013 State Championships.

Kaylyn Thomas tore through the water, crushing her opponents’ dreams with each stroke. Determination flooded through every muscle in her body, numbing the lactic acid with adrenaline. One goal filled her mind: medaling. All of the hard weeks of training were about to pay off. Kaylyn finished strong in the last two laps of her 200 freestyle, exploding into the wall. She mashed the touchpad and whipped her head around, searching for her time and place on the scoreboard. Gasping for air, she managed to smile as she saw a big “3” in front of her name on the scoreboard, realizing that she medaled at State with a new best time.

North Forsyth’s very own Kaylyn Thomas recently accepted a scholarship to swim at Georgia Southern University. Thomas is such a successful swimmer due to her great work ethic and complete dedication to the sport of swimming. Not only is she a swimming star, she is a great person out of the pool as well: friendly, funny, and outgoing.

Questions with Kaylyn:

Why do you swim?

I swim because I feel at home in the water. The pool is like my second home, and swimming clears my head.

What is your most memorable race?

My favorite swim was definitely my 200 freestyle last year at State. I finished in third place and got a new best time.

How hard is it to juggle swimming, school, and a social life?

It is definitely a challenge. I practice eight times a week, and don’t get home until 8:00. I’m always up late doing homework.

What are some of your goals going forth, swimming in college?

One of my big goals has always been going to the Olympic Trials. It would be awesome if I could place high at the NCAA Championships as a freshman next year. Basically, I just want to see myself improve and become a better swimmer.