First Winter Guard in Years!

Rachael Hosea (Left) and Katie Shumacher (Right) practicing with their equipment.

Photo by Noelle Walker

Rachael Hosea (Left) and Katie Shumacher (Right) practicing with their equipment.

Color guard is a sport in which someone performs with a flag, rifle or saber. During football season, they perform with the marching band. Now that the marching season has ended, many sections in the marching band, such as the percussion and guard, have moved on to their winter season.

Winter guard is just like fall guard, only without the band. Each member pours out their soul into the music, as well as the routine.

“It’s fantastic. It’s a way to express yourself, meet people, and learn things that most people never get to learn.” Madison Bell said.

This is the first time in 3 ½ years that North Forsyth’s guard has been able to have a winter season. Prior to this, there were never enough people, so that meant that they could not participate. When there were not enough people, they had clinics in which people could come and learn “basics”, as well as show work.

During a winter guard performance, the members move around to a song and perform a routine they have been working weeks on to perfect. The song this year is called “Glass Vase Cello Case” by Tattle Tale.

“It’s beautiful and emotional. It provides for a lot of personal interpretation” Lizzie DeGaetano, winter guard instructor said.

The guard also has managers. Those include highschoolers, as well as eighth graders. The eighth graders are people that are interested in guard and plan to be a part of it next year. Since it is against the rules to have people from other schools compete with North Forsyth, they have taken the role as a manager. They have many responsibilities, such as going to practices and competitions, and they will help the guard set up equipment and props.

The guard works well together as a team. They have practices every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They also only compete in competitions.

“It’s a second family and you get to learn artistic and fantastic things with your equipment.” Hannah Sweet said.

Without a doubt, this year will be outstanding.