Let The Battle Begin

As they adorned their armor and sharpened their swords many teams came to compete in the first Battle of the Brains. This jeopardy style competition, held in the library, challenged the minds of both staff and students at North Forsyth High School and visitors. In an effort to raise funds for United Way, Mr. Josh Montesinos with the help of Ms. Julie Benvenuto planned and oversaw the elements of the Battle of the Brains.

Excitement was in the air as teams came in, took their places, and scouted out the competition. Dr. Herbert, together with the Administration formed “B-the Solution”. “We are scared to death! We didn’t realize we were going to have all these smart kids playing against us!” the administration said. On “The Trivials”, Major Kelly quoted Conan the Barbarian stating, “The greatest pleasure in life is to crush your enemies beneath your feet and listen to the lamentations of his whines.” In a more encouraging tune, Ms. McConnell raises morality on her team, “Don’t Know Nothing ‘bout Nothing”, as she points out, “I’ve never seen two young women, who as brilliant as you both are, put yourselves down as much as you do.”

As the trivia questions came, contestants from many teams worried that players like Brian Grosso, Emma Browning, Major Kelly, Dr. Fahey, and Ms. Phipps would bring the heat.

In the end, each team fought faithfully for first place and no limbs were lost. Fulfilling their night, the first place team, “Raiders of the Question Mark”, won gift cards from Parsons, Tam’s Backstage, Zaxby’s, and Lilly McGregor. In second place, “The Trivials” won oreo stuffed cupcakes. In third place, “Machine Head” won a 5$ gift card to Duncan Doughnuts. Mr. Montesinos and Ms. Benvenuto placed effort to have a great time and raise money for a cause successfully raising 240 dollars for United Way. The second Battle of the Brains is to be expected in March.