Ebola Outbreak-Where Did it Come From?

More than 120 people in West Africa are suddenly dead. A new strand of Ebola is becoming a more and more common murderer. What is Ebola? Ebola is a virus that causes organs to fail and internal bleeding in its victims. Some even think this could have begun in December, but somehow went under the radar. Now residents of Guinea, the most affected country, are terrified this virus, transferred by contact, will touch their families and lives around them. Researchers are doing their best to contain Ebola, but without a known cure the people infected will most likely die. Scientists concluded that it is fatal in 30 percent to 90 percent of people affected. The fact that Guinea is the only country that has been extremely involved with the spreading of this virus means that this new strand came from there, not the countries bordering. So where could it have possibly originated? Older cases suggest it might have come from fruit bats, but since the new strain is unique the source has not yet been decided. Helpers are attempting to isolate the infected people to hopefully stop the spread of Ebola. Though hundreds of lives will be lost, searching for a cure isn’t a high priority for researchers. Due to the high rising price of monkeys to experiment on, the virus will cost too much for scientists to test them and how the virus affects them. Another reason Ebola is being nudged to the side is because less than 10,000 people have met death with Ebola, therefore it isn’t particularly high on the list to discover a cure for. This is the second outbreak of Ebola in Guinea within a two year span.